Information Sheet

The vision of the Rotary Club of Anniston is to be the premier service club for leaders of all ages and backgrounds in our community.  Through association with each other at general and committee meetings, community service projects, and Club social events, our members will build new relationships with each other-and the community in general-with the objective of "Service Above Self."
Our mission is to reach out and provide service to others in our local and worldwide communities through a network of local business, professional, and community leaders and focus their individual contributions to our common goal.
Service, Fellowship, Integrity, Membership, Leadership, Diversity
Jacksonville State University International House—Funds for the Rotary Scholarship are collected throughout the year via quarterly dues.
Ring the Bell for Salvation Army—In December, members are asked to donate their time to ring bells at various locations to collect monetary donations from the community for the Salvation Army.
Gift wrapping for Second Chance—Also in December, members are asked to donate time for gift wrapping at the Quintard Mall to benefit Second Chance.
Read Across America—In March, members are asked to read a book in a local classroom, or give a book to The Imagination Library—via United Way.
District Grant Projects—The Club applies annually for District Grant money and uses the proceeds for various service projects in our community.  Last year, the project was sponsoring the United Way ‘Day of Action’ on August 20, 2019.
Initiation Fee—a one-time fee of $25.
Dues—$225 per quarter due upon receipt—and late after 30 days.  Prorated dues for the quarter in which a new member joins will be assessed and due upon receipt.
Guest Fee—a $13 charge for each guest a member brings to the weekly meeting will be added to the quarterly bill.  In the event a guest becomes a member within the same quarter, the guest fee(s) will be waived.
Leon Sterne Memorial Fund—Members will be asked to contribute annually to this fund through the Anniston Rotary Club Foundation. Contributions are optional but strongly encouraged.  Leon Sterne was a local merchant with 48 years in the grocery business known for his charitable work in the community, especially with the Rotary Club's donation of food baskets to the Salvation Army.  In 1955, the Club officially adopted the Leon Stern Memorial Fund as an annual project.  The funds raised are donated to the Salvation Army, which uses the money to provide food, clothing, toys, and necessities at Christmas for families whose needs have been screened and verified.
Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY)—Contributions to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund help Rotarians carry out a broad range of local and international projects.  Fifty percent of all donations are returned to the home District for distribution via District Grants.  Every Rotarian is encouraged to contribute to the Annual Fund every year.  A donation of any amount will ensure that the Club has 100% participation.  Participation is optional but strongly encouraged.  By giving $1,000, a member can become a Paul Harris Fellow.  On June 30, 2017, our Club became a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club, and we strive to maintain this distinction.  See the Club’s PHF Committee Chairman for information on how to make a contribution.
PolioPlus—This all-important effort of Rotary International is "this close" to eradicating polio forever from the face of the earth.  Contributions of any amount are welcome as Rotary International meets the matching funds challenge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Attend an orientation session for new members.  Those who do not attend a session within six months of membership will be removed from the membership roster.
Be consistent in attending weekly meetings.  Weekly attendance builds friendships and provides the opportunity to hear speakers knowledgeable about a variety of issues.  Attendance is one of the differences in belonging to Rotary and being a Rotarian.
Choose to invite prospective members to meetings.  Any prospective member is a guest of the Club, and the Club will pay for the meal.  The number of times a guest may attend should be reasonable.  The Board of Directors decides whom to consider for membership. The prospective member's name is published via email to the membership.  If there is no objection from a Club member after a seven day period, the proposed member will be inducted into the Club.  The initiation fee and the prorated dues for the quarter will be assessed.  A new member is encouraged to ask a spouse or close friend to attend the induction ceremony.
Do participate in service projects.  Since the Rotary motto is "Service Above Self," all members are urged to be active participants in the service projects and fundraising efforts of the Club.  Members get more in return than the efforts they expend.  Participation is another of the differences in belonging to Rotary and being a Rotarian.
Most communication is accomplished via email—including mass emails.  Please be sure that your email system will allow mass email from:,,  and It is also vital that the Executive Secretary has your current, preferred email address.
COMMUNICATION—ONLINE: --for more information about the history of Anniston Rotary Club, Bylaws, Membership, E-club links, etc.  Once you are a member, you will be given the user name and password in order to log in as a member. Information published in the Member Directory is only to be used by Rotarians. --for more information on Rotary District 6860 with its available grants, opportunities for leadership and service at the District level. --for more information about Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation, E-club links, PolioPlus, etc.
PMail (Personal Mail), is the weekly mass email sent to all Club members to remind them of upcoming speakers, special events, and other general information. It is sent from the District 6860 database by the Club’s Executive Secretary.
The Rotarian, the official publication of Rotary International, is mailed monthly to members.